Free M&A Checklist for Employment Tax


Don’t leave money on the table – protect your employment tax throughout the M&A process

Preparing for an upcoming M&A? Did you know that employment tax overpayments during an M&A can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars? Let us show you the steps to help protect your bottom line against double taxation.

Even if you’ve already been through an M&A, you may still have time to collect retroactive refunds. Our Ultimate Employment Tax Checklist can help you make sure nothing got overlooked.

Safeguarding your annual SUI tax rate becomes very important during employee movement events, such as mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. However, it requires a clear understanding of multiple compliance documents, including federal, state, and local laws.

Don't worry, this checklist can help you protect your SUI tax rate. It's packed full of useful tips from our employment tax pros. In fact, we have…

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Download our free checklist to see what steps you might be missing.