HR Resources for COVID-19

Managing your business during the COVID-19 situation comes with unprecedented HR challenges. We’ve put together these resources to help you navigate.
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Unemployment laws are changing fast. Learn more about the unemployment provisions in the CARES Act and what this could mean to your organization.


Our subject matter experts will recap the impact of COVID-19 on the unemployment process and what it means going forward.

Unemployment Toolkit

Get additional resources and links to federal and state agencies by visiting our Employer Unemployment Toolkit page.


Listen as our unemployment and tax specialists discuss what to expect in terms of rising unemployment claims and SUI tax rates.

Featured Blogs

Tips for Interpreting the New Unemployment Landscape

With companies scrambling to manage their workforces during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in...

CARES Act Expands Unemployment Benefits

On Friday, March 27, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, H.R. 748 became law. This stimulus package includes...

Unemployment Insurance (UI) Information for COVID-19 Claims

Many states are preparing for an increase in unemployment claims due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however in some cases they have...
i-9 Management


With an increased need for remote Form I-9 completion, DHS has adjusted some processes for I-9s and E-Verify. Learn about what’s changed now and how you need to prepare for what’s next.


View our library of blog posts with updates and information on guidelines for Form I-9 related to COVID-19.


Watch our webinar for I-9 updates related to COVID-19 and tools to help you with your I-9s, even when you can't be in-person.


Our I-9 experts discuss what employers and HR teams should be thinking about to help better prepare for a return to work strategy.

Explore HR Insights

Visit the Workforce Solutions Blog to learn more from our panel of industry leaders who share best practice advice to make HR compliance easier.

The American Rescue Plan Act’s Impact on the ACA

In January of 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law. Believing that the COVID-19 pandemic and the US economic...

Restaurant HR - Onboarding Tips for Hiring Boomerangers

As an HR professional in the restaurant industry you have a full-plate keeping stores staffed with qualified and trained employees. With...

Form I-9 Considerations for
Re-opening Worksites

Are you a business that on-boarded employees remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions? If so, you should consider making arrangements to...
Affordable Care Act management

Affordable Care Act COVID-19 Implications

With a sudden workforce reduction, it’s important to keep your ACA compliance in mind. Whether it’s reduced hours, layoffs, or terminations, there could be implications to your ACA obligations.

Workforce Reductions and Affordable Care Act Compliance

There are many things that employers are taking into consideration as they manage their workforce through the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Unemployment Cost Management

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I-9 Management

Manage every I-9 at every stage with an end-to-end solution to save time and to help get your I-9s right from the start.

Affordable Care Act Management

Securely collect and aggregate data to help meet your ACA obligations with our leading technology and specialized support.