If your institution is struggling to collect reliable graduate outcome data using surveys, social media searches, or outbound call campaigns, let Equifax introduce you to a better solution. With Equifax Graduate Outcomes data, institutions can access the largest source of authentic, up-to-date employment, income and credit information. Common questions answered with Equifax Graduate Outcomes include: 

  • What is the median salary for business administration majors? 
  • Are engineering grads who completed an internship earning more money than those that who did not? 
  • In what state are students who received grants or scholarships currently living? 
  • Are graduates working in an industry that matches their degree program? 
  • Are students who graduated with higher GPAs earning higher salaries? 
  • What is the financial health of your graduates? 

With various graduation years and measurement attributes available, there are hundreds of reporting options to suit most any need. To speak with an Equifax Graduate Outcomes team member, complete our form today.

You may also learn more about Graduate Outcomes data in this overview sheet.


To speak with an Equifax Graduate Outcomes team member, complete our form today. 

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