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Unemployment Claim and SUI Tax Updates

Join our webinar on July 10 to hear from our tax specialists as they discuss recent updates to unemployment claims and SUI tax rates. 

About the Podcast

The Workforce Wise™ Podcast helps employers save time, reduce risk and increase profits. Our industry leaders reveal insightful human capital solutions for HR, payroll, tax, and compliance needs. Listen now and get empowered to deliver immediate value to your organization.

About the Host

Jason Fry, AVP of Employer Services Marketing and Product with Equifax Workforce Solutions, is our host. Jason has nearly 20 years of experience in pre-employment regulatory compliance and has worked for the IRS, the Clayton County Solicitor General’s Office and for a private civil litigation law firm.


Hear our industry leaders help break down complex HR issues and provide you with a better roadmap for success.

Unemployment Changes and the Impact to Your SUI Tax Rate

Listen as unemployment and tax specialists discuss recent unemployment changes and what employers can expect from SUI tax rate increases.

24 Minutes

Form I-9 Tips to Help You Re-Open Your Worksite

Learn what employers and HR teams should be thinking about to help better prepare for a return to work strategy.

22 Minutes

I-9 Anywhere to get I-9s Right, on Time, in Person

Learn more about the I-9 Anywhere® service to help your organization get a better handle on I-9s.

15 Minutes

How to Make E-Verify Even Easier

Hear about the E-Verify program and how it can help protect your organization and your employees.

24 Minutes

Six Steps of an I-9 ICE Audit

Listen to understand the who, what, when, and how of I-9 ICE audits.

26 Minutes

Why Unemployment Benefit Charge Checking Shouldn’t be Overlooked

Hear our industry leaders help break down complex HR issues and provide you with a better roadmap for success.

14 Minutes

The Truth about WOTC Forecasting

How do you know if your organization is close to maximizing its full WOTC potential? Listen in to find out.

19 Minutes

Unlock Your Disaster Credit the Easy Way

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn from our experts how to make the most of your disaster credit opportunity.

19 Minutes

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27 resources
Product Sheets

I-9 Management Product Sheet

Take control of your I-9 compliance with I-9 Management solutions from Equifax.
Product Sheets

I-9 Audit and Remediation Product Sheet

If you haven’t audited and corrected your I-9s, you may have significant risk lurking in your I-9 database.
Product Sheets

I-9 Anywhere Product Sheet

Whether you want to keep your hiring managers focused on more strategic activities, get a better handle on your remote employees or help eliminate errors, the I-9 Anywhere® service can help.
Product Sheets

Employment Tax Services Unemployment Tax Rate Forecasting Product Sheet

Equifax can help you forecast and better budget for future tax costs, undertake proactive cost management strategies sooner, and avoid unexpected outcomes.
Product Sheets

Affordable Care Act Management State Mandate Reporting Product Sheet

Learn how Equifax can help with the Affordable Care Act State Mandate Reporting Solution.
Product Sheets

Pre-Employment Verifications Product Sheet

Deliver a more efficient hiring process and make better informed decisions with authentic employment data.
Product Sheets

iW-4 Product Sheet

Improve efficiency and accuracy for you and your employees by streamlining your W-4 process with iW-4 from Equifax. Make tax withholding forms easier for your employees while helping keep your process updated with the complexities of changing federal, state, and local regulations.
Product Sheets

Product Guide: Making the Most of Pre-Employment Verifications

Are you seeking a way to decrease turnover, increase retention, and reduce overall hiring and onboarding costs? In this product guide, learn how to make the most of Pre-Employment Verifications so you can begin improving employee retention and tenure today. Download the product guide.
Product Sheets

Disaster Relief Tax Credit Product Sheet

The 2019 Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Relief Act allows qualifying businesses to receive up to $2,400 per eligible employee for wages paid while the business was located in a disaster zone.
Product Sheets

I-9 Conversion Product Sheet

Get organized and digitally convert your old paper I-9s into searchable and centralized electronic I-9s for better control.
Product Sheets

Employment Verifications with The Work Number Product Sheet

Learn how The Work Number can deliver an automated income and employment verification solution that streamlines the transfer of information between employers and verifiers.
Product Sheets

Unemployment Wage Audit Solution Product Sheet

The Wage Audit solution from Equifax delivers a platform to help you reduce your burden of response and meet the wage audit obligations of the state agencies.
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