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The Workforce Wise™ Podcast helps employers save time, reduce risk and increase profits. Our industry leaders reveal insightful human capital solutions for HR, payroll, tax, and compliance needs. Listen now and get empowered to deliver immediate value to your organization.

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Jason Fry, AVP of Employer Services Marketing and Product with Equifax Workforce Solutions, is our host. Jason has nearly 20 years of experience in pre-employment regulatory compliance and has worked for the IRS, the Clayton County Solicitor General’s Office and for a private civil litigation law firm.


Hear our industry leaders help break down complex HR issues and provide you with a better roadmap for success.

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E-Verify Do’s and Don’ts

Our I-9 subject matter experts offer tips on the do's and don'ts to make E-Verify easier and how you can help protect your organization.

21 Minutes

Unemployment Changes and the Impact to Your SUI Tax Rate

Listen as unemployment and tax specialists discuss recent unemployment changes and what employers can expect from SUI tax rate increases.

24 Minutes

Form I-9 Tips to Help You Re-Open Your Worksite

Learn what employers and HR teams should be thinking about to help better prepare for a return to work strategy.

22 Minutes

I-9 Retention Requirements: Why Purge Records?

Find out how to determine when to purge each individual employee’s Form I-9 to reduce your risk.
22 Minutes

The Truth about WOTC Forecasting

How do you know if your organization is close to maximizing its full WOTC potential? Listen in to find out.

19 Minutes

Six Steps of an I-9 ICE Audit

Listen to understand the who, what, when, and how of I-9 ICE audits plus tips to help get your organization prepared.

26 Minutes

I-9 Anywhere to get I-9s Right, on Time, in Person

Learn more about the I-9 Anywhere® service to help your organization get a better handle on I-9s.

15 Minutes

Why Unemployment Benefit Charge Checking Shouldn’t be Overlooked

Hear our industry leaders help break down complex HR issues and provide you with a better roadmap for success.

14 Minutes

Tips for a Successful Internal I-9 Audit

Get tips from our I-9 pros on steps you should take to find issues, make corrections, and improve your I-9 management process.

17 Minutes

How to Make E-Verify Even Easier

Hear about the E-Verify program and how it can help protect your organization and your employees.

24 Minutes

Unlock Your Disaster Credit the Easy Way

Listen to learn from our experts how to make the most of your disaster credit opportunity.

19 Minutes

I-9 Reverification: How to Help Stay Compliant

Learn the basics and best practices of I-9 reverification and how technology can help ease the burden of compliance.

19 Minutes
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HR Checklist for I-9 Enforcement. Learn steps you can take today to help get your I-9 processes in shape. 


Our team tackles how recent unemployment changes could affect your SUI tax rates in this Unemployment Claim and SUI Tax webinar.


Think WOTC won't help your organization? Think again! Uncover common myths about WOTC and how your organization can benefit.
Learn how the technology and industry experience from Equifax Workforce Solutions can help your team.

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