Webinar: The Latest on Form I-9 Guidance: What You Need to Know

Join our webinar for the latest on the new Form I-9 and the changes to virtual inspection requirements.

Support Easier Form Management with Compliance Center™

Help simplify form activities throughout the employee lifecycle while reducing friction from your workflows. 

Virtual Form I-9 Flexibility is Coming to a Close
A new timeline for Form I-9 physical inspections of virtual verifications and steps your organization can take to help you prepare.

The Risk of Employee Forms Management is Growing

With factors like the rapidly changing regulatory environment, complex legislation, and employee expectations of a more personalized experience through onboarding and beyond, there’s more risk and cost around workforce forms management than ever before.
What if you could simplify your onboarding compliance and help automate form management and delivery throughout the employee lifecycle in one place? Our Compliance Center platform offers a more streamlined, central location for your new hires, active employees, termed employees, hiring managers, and entire HR team.

Quickly Onboard New Hires from Anywhere

New hires can complete paperwork quickly and more accurately from their home, the office, or on a mobile device.

Get Forms Done Right and On Time

Pull data from your applicant tracking system to new hire packets with built-in rules to help reduce errors and save time.

Manage Active and Termed Employee Forms

More easily send state required annual and separation notices as well as your own custom forms throughout the employee lifecycle.

Create an Audit Trail

Employees acknowledge notifications with electronic signatures, providing you with a detailed audit trail.

Keep It All Connected

Connect employee forms in one easy-to-use platform while linking to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Human Capital Management system (HCM), payroll, and more.

Options for Today and Tomorrow

Our suite of market-leading services, including Form I-9 Management, State Forms, and more, fully integrate with Compliance Center to help you meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals.

Connected By Compliance Center™

Manage employee forms with more confidence by picking the Compliance Center management modules you need now with the flexibility to add more in the future.
Thought Leadership

Onboard and Manage Employee Forms with More Confidence 

It is now easier to stay on top of complex employee form requirements through onboarding and beyond. Pick the Compliance Center management modules you need with the flexibility to add more in the future.

HR Best Practices for Helping Improve the Onboarding Experience

View practical tips on ways to help streamline the onboarding process so it is faster and easier for the new hire as well as the HR team.

Explore HR Insights

Visit the Workforce Wise™ blog to learn more from our panel of industry leaders who share best practice advice to make HR compliance easier.

Onboard and Manage Employee Forms with More Confidence
It is now easier to stay on top of complex onboarding and employee form management requirements. Pick the modules you need with the flexibility to add more in the future.