State Forms™ 

Better monitor and manage state-required new hire and annual notifications. Our State Forms service is part of Forms HQ, our HR packet management platform. 

State Forms Done Right

Help to get the right form to the right employee at the right time. We track legislation and updates to required forms to help you stay on-top-of evolving state employee notifications, including wage notices, pregnancy accommodations, paid leave, and annual notices.

Our State Forms service is part of Forms HQ

Relieve the administrative burden

Easily get the right form to the right person with automated form delivery and rules-based technology.

Reduce the risk

Stay on top of new and changing forms, in all 50 states and DC, and reduce risk through monitoring and automation.

Use the right format

Notifications are automatically filled out with necessary employee/employer-specific data and required languages for a better employee experience.

With the right tracking

Be more audit-ready as new hires and active employees acknowledge receipt of notifications with electronic signatures for a detailed audit trail.

All in one place

Help improve the employee experience through onboarding and beyond with connected form management workflows.

State Forms is part of Forms HQ

Use our State Forms service within Forms HQ. Forms HQ helps support easier HR form management across the entire employee lifecycle. 

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