Unemployment Cost Management

One of the nation’s leading choices for unemployment management processes for over 65 years.
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Helping Reduce The Burden of Unemployment Cost Management

Businesses like yours are faced with uncertainty about unemployment claim costs–both in actual taxes and time to process claims. Equifax has some of the industry’s top subject matter experts to help with improved workflow, better risk mitigation & potentially lower costs. 
Benefits of Unemployment Cost Management

Team of Experts

Dedicated Operations Team of around 500 individuals focused on unemployment Insurance.

Pros by Your Side

Our team members average 10+ years of industry experience and will help guide you through the process.

Better Manage Costs 

Help reduce state errors and fraudulent payments through charge verification and tax rate verification.

More Tools at Your Fingertips

Our Employer Portal puts tools you need in one spot for more on-demand control over your unemployment program.

An Extension of Your HR Team

Our integrated systems and technology, nationwide mail centers, and more seamless scalability mean we are ready for you. 

Start Out Right With Equifax at Your Side

Guided Support
From implementation to tax rate supervision, we've got you covered to make it easy.
Our on-demand, claims management software helps you easily gather and submit documents and details for all stages.
On-Demand Reports
Get access to custom reports 24/7, for critical oversight and transparent updates in nearly real time.
Industry Experts
Our staff of talented professionals are on your side helping you traverse the often overwhelming unemployment landscape.

Hearing Representatives

The outcome of a hearing is often difficult to predict. Help reduce the uncertainty and join the growing ranks of businesses choosing to keep our Hearing Representatives by their side.
  • Our in-house reps allow quick access and maximum preparation time for each case
  • Scalable to include single-case or multiple-hearing support
  • Integrated CaseBuilder™ processes

An Easier Way to Help Manage Your Taxes

Benefit Audit
Once we uncover a discrepancy and protest a charge we follow up with the state agency until your credit is received.
Rate Forecasting
Our sophisticated forecasting technique helps you budget and our TaxManager app gives you control over your SUI accounts.
Dedicated Team
Our team specializes in helping you maximize your organization's tax profile while freeing you of burdensome tasks.
Featured SOlution

Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch

Help reduce the time and burden of dealing with fraudulent claims for you and your employees. With Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch, employees are promptly alerted of UI claims filed in their name, and if fraudulent, receive support from identity experts to help report and remedy the fraud.
[The Equifax Unemployment Cost Management] solution has been a real time saver for us - what used to take me 1 to 2.5 hours to do - I can probably get done in 10 or 15 minutes now.
HR Project Analyst

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Help Protect Your Company From Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

Seeing an increase in fraudulent unemployment claims? If you aren’t watching claims and charges, you may be paying too much.

Mock Unemployment Hearing: Medical Marijuana in the Workplace Webinar

View a mock unemployment hearing about a dismissal over medical marijuana at work and pick up best practices for your team.

Top Unemployment Cost Management Challenges

Learn more about the top unemployment challenges employers face when trying to optimize their unemployment case management program and minimizing their tax burden.

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