Help Control Unemployment Costs

Take more control of unemployment claims and help protect your business.
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Experts in Unemployment Management Processes

Managing numerous unemployment claims can be complex and time consuming. It can pull valuable resources from greater business needs and potentially put you at risk for fraudulent claims that could cost you even more.  

Capitalize on our experience and expertise helping monitor millions of our clients’ claims each year to help you gain the potential for improved workflow, better risk mitigation, and possibly lower unemployment costs. 

Help Reduce the Burden of Unemployment Cost Management

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Unemployment Cost Management

Our subject matter experts can help you reduce uncertainty about unemployment claims costs-both in actual taxes and time to process claims.
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Unemployment Claims Fraud Protection

A fraudulent unemployment insurance (UI) claim in your employee's name can lead to identity fraud. Help reduce the time and burden of dealing with fraudulent claims for you and your employees.
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Hearings Representation

Tap into an experienced, highly-specialized team of representatives to help you improve your win rates and better minimize UI tax liability.
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UI Tax Consulting

Verify UI tax rates to help ensure proper contributions, assist in recovery of overpaid taxes, and better manage employment tax liabilities. 
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Reemployment Services

Help limit unemployment costs and improve your tax rate while assisting your separated employees through a career transition.
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Offboarding Forms

Help manage state separation notices and add your own custom offboarding forms into one easy digital packet.

On-Demand Claims Management Software

Better streamline your unemployment case management from an initial claim to final decision. CaseBuilder, our flagship online platform, is designed to help deliver a more centralized workflow to help you more efficiently manage your claims and case-related activities.
Key Stats


Equifax clients see over $200 million in charge errors recovered routinely each year.*

*Equifax data


Hearings that Equifax attends have a 35% higher win rate than hearings that Equifax doesn’t attend.**

**Equifax 2021 client data


Reduction in charge amounts compared to non-Equifax clients.***

***2018 Equifax client data and Department of Labor data

Webinar: Hearing From Our Reps: Tips To Help You Improve Your Unemployment Hearing Outcomes

Watch our webinar to learn best practices to help you improve your chance of winning at your next unemployment hearing

Reduce the Burden on Your HR Team

Help ensure proper contributions by analyzing employer and state factors. Our team specializes in helping you improve your organization’s tax profile while freeing you of burdensome tasks.

Industry Leaders Can Help with Unemployment Cost Control

Employers’ total unemployment costs and the effort to manage them continues to be challenging. Equifax has been one of the nation’s leading choices for unemployment cost management services for over 65 years and has some of the industry's top subject matter experts to help businesses like yours monitor and help reduce your unemployment claims costs.

Learn More About Unemployment Cost Control Services

Get in touch with Equifax Workforce Solutions to learn more about our approach to helping you manage your employer unemployment costs and workflows and see how we can help your organization.