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I-9 HQ™

Helps you reduce your I-9 risk, better address your I-9 challenges, and offer a better experience for HR teams and new hires.
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Stay on Top of I-9s at Each Stage with I-9 HQ

I-9 HQ is an industry-leading electronic I-9 management platform designed with the needs of you and your people at the center. With I-9 HQ, you can provide a simpler, more efficient and timely I-9 process that is easier to use for both your HR teams and new hires. It integrates with E-Verify and is scalable to fit businesses of any size. 
It's only one Page…with Over 300 Possible Errors*

The I-9 HQ Difference

You need advanced technology, laser-focused expertise, and personalized customer support to help you reduce the administrative burden that managing Form I-9 completion entails. 
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Add I-9 Anywhere® for Remote I-9 Verifications

Access a network of trained in-person and virtual Section 2 completers for anywhere you I-9.
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Integration with E-Verify

As an E-Verify employer agent, I-9 HQ helps you automate the E-Verify process.
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Better Views and Insights

Help simplify workflows with task-driven and more actionable dashboards and leverage comprehensive reporting.
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Guided Form I-9 Completion

I-9 HQ helps employees complete Section 1 more easily, with greater accuracy, and on nearly any device.
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More Transparency in the Onboarding Process

Gain more visibility into where the applicant is in the Form I-9 process.
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Your Systems Working Together

Integrate into your existing onboarding workflows and systems.
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Stay More Audit Ready

I-9 HQ gives you a detailed audit trail of new I-9s and changes to I-9s created in the system.
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Self-Service Capabilities

Manage locations, users, and more with self-service functionality for your HR teams.
*Based on an Equifax analysis

Simplify Your New Hire Packets

I-9 HQ is more powerful with Forms HQ. Use Forms HQ to help create and send new hires a single onboarding packet, including Form I-9, WOTC screening questionnaire, tax withholding forms, and more. It’s a better experience for your team – and your employees. 

Connected by PeopleHQ™ 

I-9 HQ is part of the PeopleHQ portal. PeopleHQ is making it easier for you to manage your Workforce Solutions Employer Services in one place, while leveraging cloud-native technology, enhanced self-service capabilities, and industry leading security. 


I-9 News & Insights

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The long-awaited update to the Form I-9 has been unveiled by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Learn the timeline for use and what’s changed.
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Remote Form I-9 for Dummies

Let us reassure you that no one is a Dummy, but when it comes to the evolving world of I-9, we could all use a little education.
Review Your State's Requirements

2024 E-Verify State Requirements

States have different E-Verify rules and regulations. Review current state mandates to understand how E-Verify might apply to your workforce and the states in which you operate.

Help Simplify Your Form I-9 Process

Determine which I-9 HQ plan best meets the needs of your organization and get started today. .

A Solution that Goes Beyond the Form

Take I-9 HQ to the next level with a suite of services designed to help you better manage your workforce, help detect potential issues with your I-9s, stay more audit ready, and so much more.