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Helps you reduce your I-9 risk, better address your I-9 challenges, and offer a better experience for HR teams and new hires.
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Stay on Top of I-9s at Each Stage with I-9 HQ

I-9 HQ is an industry-leading electronic I-9 management platform designed with the needs of you and your people at the center. With I-9 HQ, you can provide a simpler, more efficient and timely I-9 process that is easier to use for both your HR teams and new hires. It integrates with E-Verify and is scalable to fit businesses of any size. 
It's only one Page…with Over 300 Possible Errors*

The I-9 HQ Difference

You need advanced technology, laser-focused expertise, and personalized customer support to help you reduce the administrative burden that managing Form I-9 completion entails. 
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Add I-9 Anywhere® for Remote I-9 Verifications

Access a network of trained in-person and virtual Section 2 completers for anywhere you I-9.
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Integration with E-Verify

As an E-Verify employer agent, I-9 HQ helps you automate the E-Verify process.
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Better Views and Insights

Help simplify workflows with task-driven and more actionable dashboards and leverage comprehensive reporting.
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Guided Form I-9 Completion

I-9 HQ helps employees complete Section 1 more easily, with greater accuracy, and on nearly any device.
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More Transparency in the Onboarding Process

Gain more visibility into where the applicant is in the Form I-9 process.
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Your Systems Working Together

Integrate into your existing onboarding workflows and systems.
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Stay More Audit Ready

I-9 HQ gives you a detailed audit trail of new I-9s and changes to I-9s created in the system.
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Self-Service Capabilities

Manage locations, users, and more with self-service functionality for your HR teams.
*Based on an Equifax analysis

Connected by PeopleHQ™ 

I-9 HQ is part of the PeopleHQ portal. PeopleHQ is making it easier for you to manage your Workforce Solutions Employer Services in one place, while leveraging cloud-native technology, enhanced self-service capabilities, and industry leading security. 

I-9 News & Insights

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Webinar: What’s In Store for 2024? Your Latest I-9 Questions Answered

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I-9 News & Insights

Visit the Workforce Wise™ blog to learn more from our panel of industry leaders who share advice to help make your I-9 processes and employee onboarding easier.
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First Look at the New Form I-9: What’s Changed?

The long-awaited update to the Form I-9 has been unveiled by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Learn the timeline for use and what’s changed.
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Equifax to Expand I-9 Anywhere® With New Virtual Option

Virtual capability will help employers more easily onboard remote workers amidst new DHS regulations.
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DHS Announces Extension of Ukraine and Sudan for Temporary Protected Status

The Department of Homeland security announced an extension of the designation of both Ukraine and Sudan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Find out what this means for employers completing the Form I-9.

Help Simplify Your Form I-9 Process

Determine which I-9 HQ plan best meets the needs of your organization and get started today. .

A Solution that Goes Beyond the Form

Take I-9 HQ to the next level with a suite of services designed to help you better manage your workforce, help detect potential issues with your I-9s, stay more audit ready, and so much more.