Work Opportunity Tax Credit Management

Help simplify the screening process, help identify more Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) eligible employees, and better maximize the tax credit for your organization.


The federal tax credit for hiring individuals from groups that face employment barriers can result in significant tax savings. Yet, many employers are missing out. 

Integrate WOTC screening into your onboarding workflows to help you capture these valuable tax credits. 

  • Help simplify the screening process
  • Help identify more WOTC eligible employees
  • Better maximize the tax credit for your organization


Our screening helps reduce confusing barriers that can cause applicants to incorrectly disqualify.

Help Reduce Paperwork with EasyDoc™

In nearly 97% of cases, we can obtain all of the needed documentation without burdening your employees with follow up requests.*

Help Support Diversity and Inclusion

WOTC targeted groups align closely with DEI policy targeted employee groups. You can help satisfy your DEI goals by hiring targeted group employees.

Dedicated Support

Beyond a dedicated support team, you’ll have government and WOTC professionals monitoring and supporting tax credits for you.

Advanced Data and Reporting

Help increase speed and rate of certifications with unique state connections and automated job start dates with The Work Number®

Integration Options

More seamlessly connect into your Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) Platforms.

*From full year 2015 Equifax certification data. Individuals results may vary.

Add WOTC Screening to Your New Hire Packets

With Forms HQ, new hires can complete their WOTC screening questionnaire as part of their onboarding activities. Forms HQ helps support easier HR form management across the entire employee lifecycle. 
Behind the Numbers


The average percentage* of cases in which we obtain all the WOTC certification documentation you need without contacting you.

*From full year 2015 Equifax certification data


The maximum credit you could earn per eligible WOTC employee.


Roughly the amount of money employers claim in tax credits each year under the WOTC program.

More Power with Your Payroll

The Work Number service, Unemployment Cost Management service, and WOTC Management service can all be implemented more easily at the same time leveraging the same payroll feed. 

Your payroll file can help secure life’s most important moments for your employees, help you reduce your unemployment costs, and help you capture more tax credits through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program.

WOTC CAlculator

See how much our WOTC management tool could save your company.

This is how much our WOTC management tool could help you save annually.*

Sources: Average percent certified by industry is based on 2022 Equifax data. Average certification value by industry is based on 2021-2022 Equifax data. 

*Potential credits are only an estimate, and Equifax does not guarantee any WOTC return. Credit availability is based on issues outside of the control of Equifax, including actions of governmental agencies and Equifax clients.

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WOTC: Fact vs. Fiction. We've busted six of the biggest WOTC myths that could stop you from maximizing your savings.

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