Pre-Employment Verifications for Employers

Improve your quality of hire with verified employment data from The Work Number®.
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Pre-Employment Verifications help you know more about candidates up front to further enhance your ability to make more informed
hiring decisions.
BENEFITS OF Pre-Employment Verifications

Instant 24/7 Report Access

Receive instant reports delivered 24/7, providing you with real-time candidate data.

Explosive Growth of The Work Number®

2.5M+ contributors provide access to more than 136M records giving unprecedented access to small and medium sized employers.

Review Tenure

Confirm a candidate's past work history and current job status without contacting their employer.

Detect Inconsistencies

Identify any omissions or inconsistencies in self-reported information.

Validate Experience

Leverage verified employment data from The Work Number® to validate a candidate’s employment history.

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Know More. Hire Smarter.

See the results of a study sampling 1,800 organizations and how Pre-Employment Verifications affected their retention metrics.

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Making the Most of Pre-Employment Verifications

Learn how to make the most of Pre-Employment Verifications so you can increase retention and reduce turnover.

Achieve greater retention through verifications.

According to a recent study*, employers who access candidates' verified employment history in their hiring process via pre-employment verifications observe:


Higher 6-month retention rate.


Higher 1-year retention rate.


Higher 2-year retention rate.

*Aug. 2018 Equifax proprietary study of 1,800 organizations (across all industries) hiring 500+ employees over a set two-year period. Data pulled from The Work Number® by Equifax.


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