Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft can have a long-lasting impact on victims. Give your employees the valuable benefit of greater peace of mind with award-winning identity theft protection.

Identity Theft Can Hurt Your People & Your Bottom Line

A fraudulent unemployment insurance (UI) claim in your employee's name can indicate that a criminal may have their personal identifying information, such as Social Security number and date of birth. This can put victims at greater risk for additional identity fraud, such as new account fraud. Help your employees defend against identity fraud.

Identity Theft: Helping Better Protect Your Employees and Their Children

Hear the latest trends with a focus on children, how they are targeted, and how employers may be able to help.

Benefits of Identity Theft Protection

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Empower Employees to Take More Control of Their Identities

Help better protect your employees from fraud starting day 1 by choosing a solution that evolves with the changing fraud landscape.
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Better Protect Whole Families from Fraud

Provide employees with more control over their credit with instant-on features for the whole family.
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Equip Employees with Identity Experts

Help ensure employees get the support they need, when they need it with 24/7 365 live access to identity experts.

HR Compliance Solutions within PeopleHQ

Stay more connected with your Equifax Workforce Solutions headquarters. Services available now or coming soon within PeopleHQ.

Protect Employee's Personal Information Day-To-Day

Employers, by necessity, must collect and store sensitive employee data. With that data comes the responsibility for keeping it secure from internal and external threats.