Talent Report™  Employment Flex

A patent-pending, customizable pre-hire employment verification solution that helps verify a candidate’s specific employment records.

A More Flexible Approach

A unique solution that allows HR leaders and background screeners to select specific employer records
with the option to receive a more holistic candidate view.
Top Benefits

Gain Greater Flexibility With a Unique Employer Preview

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Gain Increased Visibility

View a list of all available employer names on The Work Number® for your candidate prior to selecting the records you want.
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Exercise Greater Flexibility

Customize your report by choosing any number of available employer records on The Work Number per SSN.
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Better Manage Costs

Gain more control in selecting specific employers and paying only for the records you want. 

How It Works

Talent Report Employment Flex provides leaders with a unique first to the market employer preview, you can view a list of available employer names on The Work Number® using a candidate’s SSN.

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Get Started on the Path to Greater Flexibility

Leverage record-based pricing and select only the records you need from The Work Number for Verification of Employment.