Six Components of Modern Onboarding

Onboarding is more than new hire forms. Learn how your onboarding program can impact employee engagement, retention and stress in new research by Aspect43.
Six Components of Modern Onboarding
Six Components of Modern Onboarding

In the new world of recruiting and retention, the effectiveness of your onboarding process can affect the engagement, loyalty, and stress-level of both the employee and HR professional. While the term onboarding may immediately bring to mind new hire paperwork, administrative tasks, and compliance boxes to check, modern onboarding can also include training and cultural assimilation.  In fact, onboarding isn’t just a term for bringing on new hires, processes should be in place for internal employee moves (crossboarding), leaving employees (offboarding), and returning employees (reboarding).

Aspect43 has found that while most companies have some form of onboarding program in place, very few employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job. The process should show the employee what it is like to work for your organization and how they are valued, supported, and seen.  A poor experience could lead the employee to wonder if they had made the wrong decision to come aboard and could foster fears of discovering other corporate inefficiencies and potential difficulties.  For you, the HR professional, poor processes and experiences could add to your already growing stress. According to the recent HRE survey ‘What’s Keeping HR Up at Night?’, more than 76% of HR professionals1 said their stress levels had increased dramatically or somewhat in the last year. Add these factors to the cost of recruiting and potentially re-recruiting for positions, a more holistic and efficient onboarding program seems imperative to consider.

In the Onboarding:2023 Category Guide, co-sponsored by Equifax Workforce Solutions, the subject matter experts at Aspect43 identify six components of onboarding that should be addressed by an organization to support a more positive outcome during each employee's transitions.  

  • Compliance

  • Day 1 Ready

  • Culturalization

  • Training

  • Socialization

  • Retention

Download it now to learn more about these six components and evaluate the strength of your current program. Nearly half of all companies with 500+ employees are planning to invest in onboarding or crossboarding technology this coming year.* Discover  how a positive or negative onboarding experience can have broad business impacts and whether you should be considering new or updated tech as well

From Preboarding to Onboarding through Offboarding

Technology can be your friend when developing or refining your onboarding process. The use of employee onboarding services to create more automated workflow systems can help lead to a more effective and efficient experience for both the new hire and HR team.

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* Aspect43, Onboarding:2023 Category Guide, September, 2022. 

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