Compliance Center

Onboard new hires anywhere, anytime, with confidence.


The Compliance Center™ platform helps you stay on top of changing regulations and centralizes new hire forms and onboarding management into one hassle-free experience for everyone.

Quickly Onboard New Hires From Anywhere

New hires can complete paperwork quickly and correctly from their home, the office, or a mobile device.

Get Forms Done Right and On Time

Pull data from your applicant tracking system to new hire packets with built-in rules to help reduce errors and save time.

Create an Audit Trail

Employees acknowledge receipt of notifications with electronic signatures, providing
you a detailed audit trail.

Keep It All Connected

Connect new hire forms in one easy-to-use platform while streamlining your
workflows and form management.

Options for Today and Tomorrow

Choose the modules that meet your organization’s needs today with the ability​​​​​​ to integrate new modules in the future.

Journey Through an ICE I-9 Audit

Did you know that 76% of paper-based Form I-9s contain errors that can lead to fines from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)?...

Government Releases New I-9 Audit Statistics

The government’s Form I-9 enforcement efforts aren’t showing signs of easing up. In fact, the total number of Form I-9 audits during FY 2019...

Why You Should Strive for 100% WOTC Screening

Is your company leaving free money on the table? The answer is likely to be “yes” if you’re not screening 100 percent of your new hires for...
Onboard with confidence by picking the compliance management modules you need with the flexibility to add more in the future.
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