iW-4 Management

Improve efficiency and accuracy for you and your employees by streamlining your W-4 process.
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Simplicity Meets Sophistication
Make tax withholding forms easier for your employees while helping keep your process updated with the complexities of
changing federal, state, and local regulations.
Automated Tax Forms

Automatically Updates

Tracks new and revised forms to help provide the current federal, state, and local new hire tax forms.

Automatically Selects

Tax forms are pre-populated with necessary data, including required tax codes for local forms.

Automatically Calculates

Guides users to complete data correctly, calculates withholdings, and helps manage state-level agreements.

Automatically Connects

Stay updated with data transfers to Human Capital Management (HCM), payroll, or other HR systems.

Better for You and Your Employees

Improve the experience for your employees, hiring managers, and HR team with a guided workflow.

Built-in Logic for Accuracy

Reduce errors through built-in error-checking logic and eliminate rekeying of manual entries.

Eliminate Paper Headaches

Eliminate the time and cost associated with paper, printing, and shipping.

Get Down to the Details

Access forms that are updated regularly and automatically without the need to monitor legislation, even down to local forms.

New Hires

Connect iW-4 through Compliance Center to help new hires complete their tax withholdings more quickly and correctly.

Active Employees

Get iW-4 with Paperless Pay to give your employees the power to update forms as needed while keeping your payroll up-to-date.


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