Talent Report™ Work Inform

Designed to help business leaders with post-hire verifications to better mitigate productivity, security and reputation risks from an employee who may be overemployed with more than one full-time job.

Overemployment Matters

With the remote trend continuing to grow and with more than 36 million employees projected to work remotely by 2025, employers should stay aware of current and future overemployment trends.

Citation - Resumebuilder.com

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Top Benefits

Designed to Help HR Leaders Retain Employees

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Lower Security Risks

Decrease competitive and security risks through automated, scheduled reports to help you see if your employees are exclusively employed by your organization. 
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Keep Remote & Hybrid Workforces More Engaged

Use reporting to help you mitigate potential barriers in your workforce culture and productivity.
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Help Reduce Retention Risk

Help identify employees who may be at risk of abandoning their current role so you can more proactively understand their concerns.

How it Works

Talent Report Work Inform provides rolling post-hire screening of employees to help employers mitigate risk. The process ensures employees provide consent for their employer to view their active employment status, and requires FCRA-compliant use.
Key Stats


of overemployed workers are working in the same industry
Citation - Equifax Data Study - The Work Number, October 2022


of overemployed workers earn more than $100K annually
Citation - Equifax Data Study - The Work Number, October 2022


increase in the number of workers who are overemployed in 2022
Citation - Equifax Data Study - The Work Number, October 2022
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Stay Informed With Talent Report Work Inform

Use data to help make better informed decisions to help enhance productivity and protect your workforce.