I-9 Inspect™

Gain confidence in your I-9s.

Audit Yourself Before ICE Does

If you haven’t self-audited and corrected your I-9s, you may
have significant risk. We can help by automating the
process of identifying potential issues and helping you
make corrections more efficiently.

Navigate the I-9 Maze: Proactive Strategies for Audits & Compliance in 2024

Get I-9 audit-ready and reduce your risk with subject matter expert John Fay in this interactive webinar.

The Complexities of I-9 Compliance

Errors Are Tough to Spot

Correctly completing Form I-9 is tricky. Employers are accountable for 900+ pages of guidance.

*According to an industry attorney at Jackson Lewis P.C.

Old Forms Carry Risk

You can incur penalties for all I-9s in your possession, even I-9s you are no longer required to have.

Getting Started Is Overwhelming

If you have a database full of I-9 issues, it can be difficult to decide where to start.

Corrections are Prescribed

Remediation must follow set guidelines and include a detailed record of corrections.

Identify Errors Quickly

Review your entire database of I-9s for potential issues and instantly identify missing I-9s with The Work Number® .

Automatic Purges

Automatically purge I-9s that have met retention requirements by pairing The Work Number with I-9 Inspect.

Streamlined Corrections

Smart Remediation tools make corrections easier for you and your employees with guided prompts and assignment notifications.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Changes are tracked with a detailed audit trail and structured storage helps with audits at corporate and location levels.

I-9 Audit Survival Tips

Download our I-9 Audit Survival Guide with tips to help get your I-9s in order, and keep them that way.


I-9 Audit Prep Assessment: Are you ready for an I-9 audit? Get your I-9 audit readiness score today.


Journey through an ICE I-9 Audit. Our team breaks down I-9 worksite enforcement audits into easy-to-follow steps.
Worksite Enforcement Efforts Make I-9 Compliance Essential
Learn how electronic I-9 systems offer an efficient, comprehensive avenue for achieving compliance and why they should be a consideration for forward thinking companies looking for impactful HR solutions.

Explore HR Insights

Visit the Workforce Wise™ blog to learn more from our panel of industry leaders who share best practice advice to make HR compliance easier.

See I-9 Inspect in Action
Connect with us and we’ll show you how we can help you streamline your I-9 self-audits.

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