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Paycor builds HR software for leaders who want to make a difference. For 30 years, we’ve been listening to and partnering with leaders of medium and small businesses, so we know what they need. We have partnered with Equifax to offer solutions to help simplify HR processes that add value for our customers.
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Income & Employment Verification - The Work Number®, Unemployment Cost Management
Income & Employment Verification - The Work Number®
The Work Number is available for all Paycor customers giving them access to automated income and employment verifications. Paycor has a secure integration connection to provide employee data each pay cycle for enrolled customers.
Unemployment Cost Management
The intuitive platform, CaseBuilder™, helps reduce risk and identify overpayments, while also providing visual key insight that can help drive improved win rates. Tax and regulatory experts, coupled with intelligent dashboards, can help offer savings to thousands of clients.
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ADP’s integration with Equifax provides stable access to HR services that help you better ensure your compliance. The technology developed with Equifax allows employers to run these HR services more efficiently and accurately. No IT set-up or fees are required.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
ADP SmartCompliance® Employment Verification module is an added-value service available to clients on ADP or other ERP payroll platforms linking payroll data instantly to credentialed verifiers on behalf of employees.
Unemployment Cost Management
ADP SmartCompliance® Unemployment Claims module is integrated with Equifax platforms and supported by a professional team with extensive experience helping you manage your unemployment claims.
Alight unlocks enterprise growth for some of the world’s most influential companies with future ready human capital and business services. We combine industry leading data and insights with depth and operational expertise to help improve the employee experience and help optimize cloud-enabled business processes. Our 15,000 colleagues proudly serve thousands of clients and their more than 30 million employees and family members throughout 180 countries.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
Alight integrates with The Work Number® from Equifax to help automate the income and employment verification process. By streamlining the transfer of payroll data, employees benefit from accelerated decisions when it comes to credit, loans, and government assistance.
Unemployment Cost Management
Alight’s Unemployment Cost Management integration with Equifax helps lower costs associated with unemployment claims through helping streamline the claims process. Equifax also offers expert guidance and can help you in your recovery of erroneous benefits charges.
Avionté's recruiting and staffing software solutions help manage front and back office needs with ease and efficiency. The Work Number’s automated income and employment verification processes and Work Opportunity Tax Credit solution from Equifax are seamlessly integrated in Avionté and easy to turn on.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
Improve your liability risk and security, while also reducing requests to HR, by turning on The Work Number’s automated income and employment verification processes available in Avionté.
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Capitalize on tax credits and incentives with simplified employment tax collection and compliance by using the WOTC electronic screening from Equifax as part of your application process in Avionté.
Ceridian is a global human capital management (HCM) software company. Dayforce, our flagship cloud HCM platform, provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management capabilities in a single solution. Dayforce customers can, at no cost, leverage Ceridian Employee & Salary Verification as well as Ceridian Unemployment Compensation Services, powered by The Work Number®.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
Ceridian Employee & Salary Verification, powered by The Work Number and part of Ceridian’s standard payroll offering, is a completely automated system that responds to verification requests clients receive, eliminating the need to manually respond. Available in Canada through Verification Exchange.
Unemployment Cost Management
Ceridian provides Unemployment Compensation Services, available to small, middle and large employers. Ceridian has teamed with Equifax Workforce Solutions to provide a configurable “A to Z” solution tailored to the specific needs of every organization.
OneSource Virtual (OSV) is the Workday partner that has helped more than 1,300 companies with everything from deployment to maintenance to payroll and more—all to make the day more doable. OSV is the leading provider of automated solutions for organizations of all sizes using Workday, delivering services with unparalleled choices, unwavering commitment, and uncompromising care. OSV’s global headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations across North America and Europe.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
OSV partners with Equifax to offer automated income and employment verifications to lessen your administrative burden and to accelerate the decision process for credit and aid.
Unemployment Cost Management
OSV partners with Equifax to help businesses lower unemployment costs through claims and tax management, benefit charge audits, and hearings support.
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
OSV partners with Equifax to simplify the Work Opportunity Tax Credit process and maximize tax credit opportunities for your business.
Oracle Taleo Enterprise Service provides the talent intelligence necessary to run your business. Give your managers the insights they need in order to make more-informed decisions about how they hire, assess, and develop people – and then watch your business thrive.

Oracle HCM Cloud is now available for API integration via a new Data Exchange. Learn More
I-9 Management
Oracle Taleo Enterprise Onboarding seamlessly integrates with I-9 Management from Equifax for an end-to-end solution that delivers a simple, seamless path to better I-9 compliance management.
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Oracle Taleo Enterprise Recruiting integrates with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit solution from Equifax to help businesses maximize their opportunities for tax credits.
PrismHR helps businesses simplify the complexities of HR so they can focus on growth. Our HR software, combined with local expertise and guidance from our network of HR service providers handles payroll, benefits and regulatory compliance for more than 80,000 businesses across the US. Combining employee data in the PrismHR platform with Equifax services streamlines work for your team.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
The Work Number® automatically responds to verification requests using payroll data in the PrismHR platform. Together we improve accuracy and liability risk and reduce the amount of verification requests you must respond to.
Unemployment Cost Management
PrismHR's partnership with Equifax also streamlines unemployment claims which lowers costs, can recover erroneous benefits charges while including expert guidance from Equifax experienced professionals
Proliant is a software company providing a full-service human capital management platform. Our primary products and services include Payroll, Benefits Administration, New Hire Onboarding, Time & Labor, Applicant Tracking, and Performance Management. Proliant supplies employee demographic and pay data to facilitate Equifax products such as The Work Number® and Unemployment Cost Management.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
Proliant feeds employee demographic and pay data to The Work Number platform on an automated basis so that employee income and wage verifications can be performed with little or no involvement from the employer. Due to this seamless integration, employers are able to eliminate this administrative hassle and spend time on more important initiatives.
Unemployment Cost Management
With this integration, employers don’t need to spend time collecting information from multiple systems to manage unemployment claims. With all of the needed HR data sent to Equifax on a real-time basis, employers can benefit from reduced unemployment claim liabilities, improved tracking of existing tasks needed for claims management, and better visibility in your unemployment claims management process.
Ultimate Software provides human capital management (HCM) solutions designed to improve the employee experience by putting people first. In partnership with The Work Number® from Equifax, Ultimate offers an automated employment and income verification solution that streamlines the transfer of payroll information from UltiPro® to verifiers–minimizing administrative tasks for HR and accelerating financial and life event decisions on behalf of employees.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
Our integration enables the exchange of employee data from UltiPro into The Work Number. The database is updated every payroll, so verifiers get access to salary, income, and work history information needed to make financial decisions. Available in Canada through Verification Exchange.
Unemployment Cost Management
The UKG Pro integration with The Work Number also streamlines unemployment claims, which can lower costs and recover erroneous benefits charges, while including expert guidance from Equifax experienced professionals.
Veritas Prime, based on its founding principles, means "Truth and Excellence," and is an SAP gold-level partner and is a premier consulting firm specializing in Human Experience Management technology, with a specific focus on SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Veritas Prime supports organizations to help transform their employee experience with a full hire to retire solution, including fully outsourced payroll services, time and attendance, and benefits solutions.
Income & Employment Verification - The Work Number®
Veritas Prime, in partnership with Equifax, has built an integration to The Work Number, which seamlessly sends data from SAP / SAP SuccessFactors to Equifax, removing the need for clients to build and manage file-based implementations. With the integration, data will be automatically fed to The Work Number database to facilitate the verification process at no cost to the company, all while providing time back to the company for other work responsibilities.
Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, HR, and planning. Founded in 2005, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest companies, educational institutions, and government agencies.
Employment Verification with The Work Number
As a Workday Emerging Partner, The Work Number® from Equifax integrates with your Workday application to automate the income and employment verification process, resulting in accelerated decisions for employees seeking credit and aid.
Unemployment Cost Management
Workday customers can streamline and expedite their unemployment claims processes while also receiving guidance from Equifax experienced professionals to assist in lowering costs and recovering erroneous benefits charges.
isolved is an employee experience leader, providing intuitive, people-first HCM technology. Our solutions are delivered directly or through our partner network to more than five million employees and 145,000 employers — who use them every day to boost performance, increase productivity, and accelerate results while reducing risk. Our HCM platform, isolved People Cloud, intelligently connects and manages the employee journey across talent management, HR & payroll, workforce management and engagement management functions. No matter the industry, we help high-growth organizations employ, enable and empower their workforce by transforming employee experience for a better today and a better tomorrow. For more information, visit
Income & Employment Verification with The Work Number
The isolved integration with The Work Number allows employers using isolved People Cloud the benefit of instant verification of employment and income for their workforce. The API integration helps ensure better accuracy, a more secure transfer of data, and up-to-date information to verifiers – that your employees depend upon.
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