Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch

Help reduce the time and burden of dealing with fraudulent claims for you and your employees.

A Stolen Identity Can Lead to More Fraud

A fraudulent unemployment insurance (UI) claim in your employee's name can indicate that a criminal may have their personal identifying information, such as Social Security number and date of birth. This puts victims at greater risk for additional identity fraud, such as new account fraud.

Benefits of Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch

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Reduce Administrative Costs 

With direct employee notifications and support, you can offload the administrative tasks of notifying and coaching employees on how to follow up on fraudulent claims
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Lower Losses in Productivity 

Employees gain personalized support from our in-house resolution team, helping decrease loss of focus on the job.
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Enhance Employee Wellness

Helps reduce stress on employees, save more time, and help safeguard their identity against future fraud.

Helps reduce stress on employees and lower their risk of future fraud

While fraudulent unemployment insurance (UI) claims have always been around, they were the highest type of identity theft reported during the pandemic, growing over 2000%*. The Department of Labor estimates more than $163B could have been paid out improperly with a significant portion attributable to fraud.

*FTC, Consumer Sentinel Network, Nov 2022