I-9 Conversion

Transform the way you manage your I-9s.

THE POWER OF Electonic I-9S

With our I-9 Conversion solution, we can completely transform your paper I-9s to an electronic system for better control — helping improve your I-9 compliance. 


Overwhelming Paperwork

Ensuring paper Form I-9 documents are accounted for, secured, and well organized can be a challenge.

Tight Timing

Notice of Inspection from ICE can give you as few as three days to present your Forms I-9.

Managing Compliance

Converting paper I-9s and securely storing in a database is a best practice for digital I-9 management.
How I-9 Conversion Solution Can Help

Getting Organized

We digitize I-9 fields and attach an image of the original to the new electronic I-9 so information is readily available.

Gaining Control

Integration with The Work Number® database provides reporting on missing I-9s and those that have met retention requirements.

Being Confident

Our PrecisionScan™ process converts handwritten and typed paper I-9s more accurately, so you have confidence in your data.

Staying Prepared

We help you get ready to quickly respond to an ICE audit by compiling all I-9s into an organized and searchable database.

Explore HR Insights

Visit the Workforce Wise™ blog to learn more from our panel of industry leaders who share best practice advice to make HR compliance easier.

Connect with us and we’ll show you how we can transform your paper I-9s to an electronic I-9 process.
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