I-9 Conversion

Transform the way you manage your I-9s.
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The Power of Electronic I-9s

With our I-9 Conversion solution, we can completely transform your paper I-9s to an electronic system for better control — helping improve your I-9 compliance. 

The Risks of Paper I-9s

Overwhelming Paperwork

Ensuring paper Form I-9 documents are accounted for, secured, and well organized can be a challenge.

Tight Timing

Notice of Inspection from ICE can give you as few as three days to present your Forms I-9.

Managing Compliance

Converting paper I-9s and securely storing in a database is a best practice for digital I-9 management.

The Latest on Form I-9 Guidance: What You Need to Know

Listen in on our webinar for the latest on the new Form I-9 and the changes to virtual inspection requirements.


Getting Organized

We digitize I-9 fields and attach an image of the original to the new electronic I-9 so information is readily available.

Gaining Control

Integration with The Work Number® database provides reporting on missing I-9s and those that have met retention requirements.

Being Confident

Our PrecisionScan™ process converts handwritten and typed paper I-9s more accurately, so you have confidence in your data.

Staying Prepared

We help you get ready to quickly respond to an ICE audit by compiling all I-9s into an organized and searchable database.

Explore HR Insights

Visit the Workforce Wise™ blog to learn more from our panel of industry leaders who share best practice advice to make HR compliance easier.

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