Paperless Pay

Empower your workforce by transforming your employee payroll management process to be 100% paperless.
Transform Your Payroll Process

Liberate Your Payroll Department

Provide a more seamless interface between your employees and your payroll services. Outsourcing some of your services give your payroll team more time for strategic work and your employees access to the information they need, when they need it.

Pay Stub Reviews

Offer a secure electronic database of pay information accessible anytime via web and phone.

Direct Deposit Maintenance

Give employees the tools to make changes to deposit accounts and amounts.

Personal Information Manager

Enable employees to update their own email address, mailing address, or other personal data.
Benefits of Paperless Pay

Self-Service Access

Deliver self-service access to current and former employees online or over the phone.

Personal Reporting

Allow employees to run custom paperless statements for commissions, schedules, and more.

Withholding Management

Employees can manage state, federal, and local withholding information on their own with iW-4 Management.

Stay Current

Equifax proactively monitors legislation to help keep your organization updated.

Connected and Updated

Provide easy, seamless access to tax forms through Paperless Pay and Tax Form Management integration.


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