Unemployment Wage Audit Solution

Reduce your burden of response and meet wage audit obligations.
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Your Best Solution for Wage Audit Responses

Wage audits are a critical tool for states looking to reduce improper unemployment benefit payments. Our digital solution can help you to easily complete wage audit requests using minimal resources.
Unemployment Wage Audit Challenges

Inconsistent Formatting

Payroll is often Monday to Sunday, but wage audit responses often must be formatted Sunday to Saturday.

Untimely Responses

If wage audits aren’t completed in a timely and compliant manner, tax and financial penalties may ensue. 

Extra Work

Each request can take up time and resources that could be better allocated to more productive work.

Improper Payments

The potential impact to employers for a single improper unemployment claim is between $3,061-$13,416.*
How the Equifax Wage Audit Solution Can Help

Follows Required State Formatting

Convert responses into the requested weekly format requested by the state agency.

Reduces the Burden of Response

Improve your process efficiency and free up resources with an online workflow.

Matches Audits With the Right Employee

Match claimant data to the audit request, even with truncated Social Security Numbers.

24/7 Online Reporting

Improve your oversight and gain insights into program performance with reporting functionality.


Learn more about meeting Wage Audit Obligations.
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*2016 average DOL cost = avg. weekly benefit payment x average length of claim x replacement cost multiple (exact cost is dependent on state-specific parameters).