Pre-Employment Verifications for Employers

Improve your quality of hire with verified employment data from The Work Number®.
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Make More Informed Decisions

Pre-Employment Verifications help you know more about candidates up front to further enhance your ability to make more informed
hiring decisions.
BENEFITS OF Pre-Employment Verifications

Instant 24/7 Report Access

Receive instant reports delivered 24/7, providing you with real-time candidate data.

Explosive Growth of The Work Number®

2.5 M+ contributors provide access to over 573M records giving unprecedented access to small and medium sized employers.

Review Tenure

Confirm a candidate's past work history and current job status without contacting their employer.

Detect Inconsistencies

Identify any omissions or inconsistencies in self-reported information.

Validate Experience

Leverage verified employment data from The Work Number® to validate a candidate’s employment history.
aspects of employment history often overlooked
Omitted Positions

Candidates often omit irrelevant or early positions, such as summer lifeguard duty. But our reports let you see if they've omitted a string of short tenures.

Job Stretching

It's possible that a prospect will claim a managerial or supervisory role they didn't hold. Finding discrepancies in this area can help you avoid regrettable hires.

Time Gaps

Inaccurate job dates could mean gaps between jobs are being hidden or the length of service is being misrepresented.

Help Fight the High Cost of Employee Turnover.

An accurate picture of employment history can help you hire employees who are likely to stay longer.

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Know More. Hire Smarter.

See the results of a study sampling 1,800 organizations and how Pre-Employment Verifications affected their retention metrics.

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Making the Most of Pre-Employment Verifications

Learn how to make the most of Pre-Employment Verifications so you can increase retention and reduce turnover.
Key Stats

Achieve Greater Retention Through Verifications.

According to a recent study*, employers who access candidates' verified employment history in their hiring process via pre-employment verifications observe:


Higher 6-month retention rate.


Higher 1-year retention rate.


Higher 2-year retention rate.

*Aug. 2018 Equifax proprietary study of 1,800 organizations (across all industries) hiring 500+ employees over a set two-year period. Data pulled from The Work Number® by Equifax.


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