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Help quickly verify high school diploma data

Automate the High School Diploma Verification Process

The high school diploma verification process is often time-consuming and inefficient. The current system relies on manual verification by schools, which can take several weeks or even months to complete. This can create multiple challenges and cause delays in hiring and employment decisions. 

Talent Report High School provides automated and easier verification of high school diploma data for candidates 18 years and older. It uses a candidate's first name, last name, and date of birth to instantly verify graduation dates sourced from the National Student Clearinghouse®.

Verify a candidate's high school diploma data, avoid the manual process, and help get your verifications done faster.

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Key Benefits for Hiring Departments

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More Informed Decisions

Make more informed hiring decisions. Check a candidate’s information against verifiable high school diploma information from the National Student Clearinghouse® for a more holistic candidate view.

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Access a Centralized Data Source

Order verifications through the TotalVerify™ data hub. It’s a single source for obtaining the data and insights that employers leverage to build more trust, help enable safety, verify information, and better assess risk. 

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Hire Faster

Verify your candidate’s high school diploma information instantly — helping you make your hiring decisions faster.

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*Source: The National Student Clearinghouse®, 2024.

Powered by the TotalVerify™ Data Hub 

Talent Report High School is part of the TotalVerify data hub from Equifax. TotalVerify provides employers quicker access to differentiated datasets — helping support a more complete and informed view of candidates and enabling evidence-based decision-making, better risk assessment, and information verification.

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