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End The Pain

Eliminate cumbersome, dated tax form distribution processes and free up time. Equifax offers efficient, digital systems for managing year-end tax forms, including W-2s, 1095s, and Canadian T4s and R1s.

Lighten the Load

A user-friendly and secure system improves tax form processing for you and your employees.

Save Time and Money

Distribute tax forms electronically to reduce printing and postage expenses.

Give Employees More Control

Self-service features result in quicker response and the potential for faster tax refunds for your employees.

A Single Resource

Easily issue tax documents to employees separated, retired, or no longer connected to your company. 

Paperless Original Tax Forms

Electronic consent and secure delivery with a paper option available.

Tax Form Reissues

Self-service, electronic, or printed distribution.

Tax Form Corrections

Complete processing and distribution of amended tax forms.

Year-End Federal and State Reporting

Preparation of year-end files for the IRS and state taxing authorities.


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