Explore Additional Employee Benefits

Provide your employees with benefits that can help power life’s important moments.

Help Unlock New Possibilities for Your Employees

Help unlock new financial possibilities for your employees with benefits that can help power their most important moments and help keep their data and personal information more private.

Benefits for Each Stage of the Employee Lifecycle

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The Work Number®

Help your employees secure life’s important moments with 24/7 income and employment verifications to credentialed verifiers.
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Identity Theft Protection

ID Watchdog® from Equifax helps identify the occurrence of identity fraud and can help better protect employees and their families from financial loss. 
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Public Student Loan Forgiveness

Subscribers to The Work Number can help simplify the PSLF application process for their employees and HR teams by leveraging payroll data already provided for income and employment verifications.
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Stay more on top of the Affordable Care Act with best-in-class technology, ACA focused expertise and personalized support.
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Reemployment Services

Help outgoing employees succeed sooner and feel better supported while building a more positive reputation for your company. 

5 Ways Employee Forms Can Impact The Employee Experience (And Some Risks of Getting it Wrong)

Get real-life best practices from HR teams who have helped optimize onboarding processes to be more effective & user-friendly.

Addressing Employee Identity Theft

Discover how you can help provide your employees with greater peace of mind by better protecting their personal and financial information from potential fraud. 

ACA for Your C-Suite

Maintaining compliance with ACA regulations is something HR professionals cannot afford to face alone. Help get your C-suite engaged.
Key Stats


The Work Number service fulfilled 148 million verifications on behalf of consumers in 2022.*


Traditional identity fraud losses totaled $24 billion in the U.S. in 2021, up 79% from 2020**


A majority of Americans (85%) think most companies don’t provide enough help to employees when laying them off.***
*Equifax Workforce Solutions, 2022
**Javelin 2022 Fraud Study
***Harris Poll

Help Secure Life’s Important Moments for Your Employees

The Work Number is here for your employees when more control, privacy, and experience matter most. When employees need help securing their first house, much-needed government benefits, or access to credit, The Work Number helps provide a more simplified and private way to help provide proof of income and employment to credentialed verifiers. Employees can review, correct or freeze their information on The Work Number at any time all while helping reduce your HR workload.

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