Offboarding Palooza: Gain Insights on Unemployment & Offboarding
 Learn real-life best practices from subject matter experts in unemployment and offboarding

Streamline Your HR Forms

Help make life easier for your employees with greater accuracy. 

Deliver a Better Employee Experience With More Efficient Form Management

The administrative work that comes with HR responsibilities doesn’t have to be disjointed. Learn how you can help reduce manual work for your HR team while helping ensure your process requirements are met, and creating a more seamless experience for employees. 

Help Consolidate HR Forms and Paperwork

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Helps you remove manual work and increase completion rate by incorporating Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening into your onboarding workflow.
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Tax Withholding

Helps you deliver the right tax forms to the right person through an interactive employee self-service platform with automated  rules-based technology.
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State Forms

Helps you deliver the right employer forms, including annual notices to your employees, with a better user experience and less work for your HR team.
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Tax Form Management

More easily manage and provide your employees with access to important year-end forms including Form W-2, Form 1095-C, and Canadian Forms T4 and R1.
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Immigration Case Management

Helps you manage your organization’s unique caseload needs and requirements with a comprehensive immigration case management solution.
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I-9 HQ™

You can help provide a simpler, more efficient, and timely I-9 process that is easier to use for both your HR teams and new hires.
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Offboarding Forms

More easily manage separation notices for states that require them and combine your custom offboarding forms into one easy digital package.

Help Gain Better Organizational Efficiency

Help your business better meet its regulatory requirements by tracking and keeping your forms more organized. You can utilize integrated systems to help you manage your various HR forms at each stage of the employee cycle. 
Key Stats


U.S.-based companies (with 10+ employees) have at least an 11.7% chance of having employment charges filed against them.*

*Hiscox Study Reveals Riskiest States for Employee Lawsuits.


In 2023, the maximum penalty for I-9 paperwork violations ranges from $272 to $2,701.**



Some Equifax clients that have incorporated WOTC screening as part of the I-9 onboarding process have nearly doubled completion rates from about 50% to more than 99%.***

***Equifax Data; Actual results may vary

Reduce the Burden on Your HR Team

At a time when HR is asked to do more with less, form management tools can help free up your team from time-consuming manual processes while helping reduce costly mistakes.

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