Talent Report™ Healthcare

Gain greater peace of mind with verifications designed for healthcare organizations.

More Intelligent Data.
Better Employee Retention.

Healthcare employers that verify candidate employment information before hiring realized a 7.6 percent increase in one-year retention rates than those that did not.

*Know More, Hire Smarter, Equifax Study, 2018.

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Designed to Help Uncover Key Data

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Verify Employment Experience

By leveraging a more holistic candidate view, verify past professional experience while also helping detect inconsistencies or omissions. Help confirm a candidate’s employment history for a specific healthcare role by using The Work Number® database. 
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Help Mitigate Identity Risk

Provides verification of a job candidate's identity, and uncovers additional key data for use in state and county history searches.
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Validate Education

Leverage all available postsecondary degree and enrollment information from the National Student Clearinghouse® to verify a candidate’s educational experience.

Delivered in a Single Report

Receive information on your healthcare job candidates in a more simplified, single report with access to employment, identity, and education using a Social Security Number inquiry. 

Powered by The TotalVerify™ Data Hub 

Talent Report Healthcare is part of the TotalVerify data hub from Equifax. TotalVerify provides employers and background screeners quicker access to more accurate and differentiated datasets — helping support a more complete and informed view of candidates and enabling evidence-based decision-making, better risk assessment, and information verification. 
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Get More Informed with Talent Report™ Healthcare

Validate candidate's previous work experience and help uncover key data to better mitigate fraudulent risk.