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Safe, secure and fast, The Work Number® reduces your work and keeps life moving for your employees.

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See How We Can Help You With Your Verifications

Your employees need answers and verifiers need employment information quickly. Help streamline the process with The Work Number database.

When Control, Privacy, & Experience Matter Most

Help employees secure life’s important moments with automated  employment and income verifications using The Work Number.

How It Works

The Work Number is a more private, digital way to help automate your employee verifications. Help credentialed verifiers instantly get the information they need so that employees can receive credit, benefit, and other decisions faster. This service is offered at no additional cost to your organization.


Free HR from many manual verifications by contributing payroll data each pay period.

Credentialed Verifiers

Verifiers with a permissible purpose can access trusted income and employment data 24/7.


Help employees get decisions faster without being asked to manually provide sensitive income and employment documentation to third-party verifiers.
key benefits of the work number

Simplify Your HR Workload

Forget the paperwork. We work behind the scenes to significantly lessen your manual verification workload to shift potential liability from your HR Department while helping mitigate the risk of errors.

Help Power Life's Important Moments

Provide on-demand responses employees can count on by enabling more private, digital income and employment verifications 24/7. Credentialed verifiers receive fast access to data so employees can receive more informed decisions quickly.

Offer Better Privacy for Employees

Every verifier is vetted and must meet strict standards to access data. Every verification is tracked for visibility into who requested information and when.

Provide Easy Self-Serve Employee Tools

Employees can review their employment and income data and see a two year history of The Work Number verification requests online at any time.

Contributing is Simple

Thanks to powerful alliance partnerships with many of the top payroll and HCMs, along with easy set-up, contributing to The Work Number has never been easier.


Active income and employment records from more than 3.1 million employers across a variety of industries.


The Work Number database offers credentialed verifiers access to more than 670 million records for verifications of income and employment.


The Work Number service fulfilled 144 million verification requests on behalf of consumers in 2023.
Our HR team loves The Work Number process! Equifax is the best outsourcing partner we’ve had. If I had known how easy and helpful verifications through The Work Number would be, I would have started a lot sooner.
Adriana Vaccaro, Vice President of HR

Product Sheet

Find out how The Work Number can deliver faster and more secure verifications for your employees. 

Case Study

See how to help improve customer and employee satisfaction by delivering quicker, more accurate verification responses.


See how The Work Number helps automate the verification process, which can improve opportunities for loans, credit and more.

Innovative Alliance Partner Integrations

Discover if we partner with your organization’s platform to help streamline the transfer of payroll information
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