Stay On Top of Seasonal Hiring

Seasonal hiring is heating up and can be a challenge to navigate. Learn tips and best practices to help you through the busy season.

Colder weather is fast approaching and with it comes another potentially busy season that could require additional team members. Whether you are staffing for internships, retail/hospitality jobs, or positions at a park (state, theme, or otherwise), the hiring season is upon us.

Attracting and managing hourly workers during such a busy time of year can often be a challenge. With a large number of employees going through the entire employment lifecycle in a short period of time, you need to be sure you are as efficient as possible to help minimize the chaos.  Planning ahead is required so you can make the most of the window of time you have to recruit and onboard new staff. To help you hit the ground running this season, here are a few questions to start considering before staffing up:

  1. How many additional positions will you need to add and which positions are most needed?

  2. Which benefits can be applicable and what do you plan to offer to help recruitment?

  3. What verifications do you need to run when hiring and how quickly do they need to be completed?

  4. What training do these new hires need to complete before they are ready to contribute?

  5. When the season ends, if I can’t transition everyone to full-time status, how can I help create a positive offboarding experience and leave the door open for them to come back the next year?

Seasonal hiring can be overwhelming, especially if done manually. With so many moving parts, it is important to keep accuracy and speed to hire at the forefront of your efforts, without overlooking anything else in the process.    

Let us try and help you stay better organized and energized as you begin this process. Download our guide to best practices for managing a seasonal workforce. Learn tips that can help you better answer your questions on forecasting, hiring and onboarding, offboarding, and tips to help keep them coming back.

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