Webinar: Employee Retention Tax Credits - Do I Qualify?

Do you qualify for Employee Retention Tax Credits? Join our webinar to learn more about requirements & how you might be able to claim these payroll tax credits.

Was your organization and income affected by the pandemic? It’s not too late to help maximize your payroll tax savings! 


Listen in as our subject matter experts from HIREtech, an Equifax company, discuss the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC). You may still have the opportunity to claim a payroll tax credit first made available through the CARES Act passed in March 2020. Eligible employers who retained employees during the pandemic could potentially receive up to $26,000 per qualifying employee! 

Determining if your business is eligible and the amount of credits you may qualify for can be challenging, if not overwhelming. Join subject matter experts on (date/time) to help you:

  • Discover how eligibility is determined

  • Gain insights into how ERC is calculated

  • Learn how much time you have left to file for ERC

  • See how the filing process could be easier for you

If you think you might qualify and want to learn more, register here to view the webinar.