3 Key Steps to Buying HR Tech

Download new research by Aspect43 to learn what to consider when buying HR technology that can help you meet your needs and your employees will use.

Nearly half of all companies with 500+ employees are planning to invest in onboarding or crossboarding technology this year.* But what criteria will they or should they use? Certainly price, features, and vendor reputation will be included in their decision-making, but ideally an eye on user experience, implementation, and adoption should be as well.   

New technology can be exciting, with the hopes of increased automation, greater efficiencies and ROI. With all this excitement, it is important to consider not only what the tech is supposed to do, but why you need it, what problem it will solve, and how it can be implemented.  

In the 2023 Buying HR Technology Insights Report, co-sponsored by Equifax, Aspect43 has identified three important steps for you to follow and complete when buying HR technology. These steps are designed to help you investigate and identify the "why", “what”, and “how” in your technology buying journey for a hopefully more successful purchase leading to better user adoption.

1. Planning & Building the Business Case

More than just building an ROI or business case, this step helps you understand the "why" of your decision to buy new technology. It helps ensure you are clear on the outcomes you want and how they might benefit your company.

2. Evaluating & Selecting the Solution Partner

In this step, evaluating vendors should be about more than the feature set offered and historical performance. A thorough evaluation process should also consider the technology from the perspective of everyone it will impact throughout the organization, not just the recruiting or human resource teams.

3. Implementing the Solution & Digital Transformation

This step includes choosing external partners, implementing the technology, and digital transformation/change management. It is important to be mindful how important the quality of the implementation and integration experience can be to the adoption and effectiveness of your new HR tool.

Download this report to learn the ins and outs of these steps and how to better cultivate a technology buying journey focusing not only on finances, but on specific outcomes, goals, implementation, and adoption.   

*Aspect43, Onboarding: 2023 Category Guide, September, 2022.

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