Webinar: Identity Theft - Helping Better Protect Your Employees and Their Children

Hear trends with a focus on children and tools to help.


Identity Theft: Helping Better Protect Your Employees and Their Children 

It is growing harder for employees to protect their identities and those of their families from getting into the wrong hands. They continue to face cybercrimes, like phishing and malware attacks, which have become more prevalent in recent years. Even those who are diligent about protecting their identity could be like one of the 422 million individuals who had their data compromised in 2022.¹

And the risk of child identity theft is especially disturbing, with 13% of US households having at least one child impacted in 2023.² View our on-demand webinar for a discussion with ID Watchdog leaders and subject matter experts from Javelin Strategy and Research to help unpack these issues and explore:

  • Rising trends in identity fraud, with a special focus on children and how they may be targeted

  • How identity theft and subsequent fraud can impact employees AND their families

  • Tools that employers can provide that may be effective in helping employees better combat fraud

View our on-demand recording of the webinar to help better protect your employees and their families from identity theft. 

¹ ITRC, Annual Data Breach Report 2022, Jan 2023
² Javelin Strategy & Research, Child ID Theft: Social Cyber Risks and the Persistent Threat to Families, Nov 2023

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