The Evolution of HR Systems: Improve Processes, Make Work Easier

A recent article from SHRM discusses the evolution of HR systems of record over the last decade. Author Josh Bersin says,

The future of HR software is now very clear. We need to build and buy systems that make work easier; make life better; and help us learn, give feedback, collaborate and get aligned. These new systems are built as mobile apps, they require little to no training, and they are so engaging you can use them while standing in line at the coffee shop. If your new tools do these kinds of things, you're in good shape. However, if they're "easy to use" but not very "useful," you probably have some work to do.

Equifax Workforce Solutions clients have shared similar goals with us. Many HR groups are looking for systems and tools that can help improve compliance, reduce costs, and help employees be more efficient. Equifax helps organizations save time and money throughout the employee lifecycle with the following solutions:

  • Employment and Income Verifications through The Work Number® database that streamlines the transfer of information from employers and verifiers to reduce employer workload, keeps employee data secure, and accelerates the process
  • I-9 Management helps maintain compliance with immigration and E-Verify® regulations by completing and storing federal I-9s electronically
  • Onboarding collects and manages information for new hire forms online to help improve compliance and reduce costs
  • Tax Credits and Incentives helps capture all the federal, state, and local tax credits and incentives based on eligibility
  • Unemployment Cost Management helps reduce unemployment costs through claims processing, hearing representation, and reemployment strategies
  • ACA Management simplifies ACA compliance and helps reduce risk by automating processes for exchange verifications, eligibility tracking, IRS reporting, subsidy management, and fine disputes
  • W-2 Management delivers an electronic W-2 option to your employees, including optional paper distribution, reissues, corrections, and tax software upload capability
  • Employment Tax Services assists employers in identifying and recovering overpaid employment taxes, manage employment tax liabilities, and minimize compliance risks

To learn how Equifax can help your organization with these solutions, contact Pete Krieshok at

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