Employee Onboarding: Your Guide to I-9 Compliance for Off-Site Employees

Employee Onboarding Best Practices:  Getting Off-Site Employees On Board with I-9 Compliance

How to Comply with Your Remote Workforce

We know that off-site is the new on-site as more and more companies move toward a dispersed workforce. As a result, this can create a unique challenge for Human Resources professionals tasked with managing employee onboarding.

Technology has made it easier to work off-site, which means more companies have employees scattered across the U.S. Research shows:

One of the many tasks Human Resources professionals are responsible for figuring out is how to get all of the new-hire paperwork collected and completed for each new employee. [caption id="attachment_14715" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Get the Guide to Help with Remote I-9s[/caption]  

Form I-9 includes a few challenges when dealing with a remote or dispersed workforce:
  • Required physical inspection of Section 2 documents
  • Three-day completion deadline
  • Confusing form requirements
  • And more

Because of this we have developed a guide to help with employee onboarding for remote hires. Download our free eBook for 5 tips to help you get a handle on off-site Forms I-9.  Additionally, you'll learn how an electronic solution can simplify the I-9 process for your new hires.