HR Best Practices for Helping Improve the Onboarding Experience

Trying to streamline your Onboarding? Download our Best Practices for helping you handle your new hire workflows, APIs, WOTC, and more.

The importance of the onboarding process

You are likely in a war for talent, and once you’ve identified that perfect new team member, you don’t want to take any chances of losing them. Once they’ve accepted an offer, the next impression they have of your company is probably their onboarding packet, so making sure that process is as smooth as possible is a key to getting them onboarded quickly. On the other hand, a slow or disjointed process may lead to frustration and them deciding to take another offer.

If your process needs some help, you are not alone, and there are good reasons for trying to improve. Only 12% of employees strongly agree their organization is doing a great job of onboarding, and almost 20% of new hires either report their onboarding experience was poor, or that they had no onboarding at all. However, a more effective onboarding experience can help retain up to 69% of employees for up to three years, so it’s worth your time to reevaluate your current process. 

Ways to improve your onboarding process

But what’s the best way to get all that required paperwork done? How can you help make things easier for your new hire as well as your HR team? Our subject matter experts at Equifax Workforce Solutions have worked with many employers - big and small - to help them streamline their onboarding process. We have put together this HR Best Practices for Helping Improve the Onboarding Experience guide to give you some tips and insights, including:

  • Why should you use employee onboarding software? 

  • What are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and how they can help:  

    • streamline the employee experience

    • make implementation easier

    • reduce your HR team’s workload

    • improve security

  • When do common regulatory forms need to be completed? 

  • What is a suggested order of onboarding documentation to help be the most efficient?

  • How you can show more value by taking advantage of WOTC credits that would help drop straight to the bottom line?

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