Nearly No Touch Wage Audit Solution

We get it. In theory wage audit requests are a simple procedure to verify wages and unemployment benefits. As many employers know, this seemingly simple procedure can bring some big challenges:

  • Incorrect format: State agencies require data to be submitted in a specific format, which typically doesn't match employers' payroll format.
  • Employee time and resources: Converting payroll data to the format required by state agencies can take quite a bit of time. Instead of working on more strategic projects, employees spend their time re-formatting data to comply.
  • Risk of penalties: Wage audit requests bring the possibility of tax and financial penalties if they aren't completed timely and correctly.

We got it. We at Equifax understand the problems your organization faces. Our nearly no touch solution can ease the burden of the wage audit process. This new service helps take the onus off of busy HR departments that might not have the time to retrieve archived payroll records and complete a wage audit by the required deadline. Check out our new video to learn more. To learn more about this new service, or to learn how Equifax can help your organization with unemployment cost management, contact Pete Krieshok at

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