New Jersey Now Requires Paid Sick Leave Notices for New Hires

Ten states, plus D.C., have paid sick leave laws.

Many of these state laws also include a requirement to distribute new hire notices.  This can be difficult to manage, especially for multi-state employers or employers with a dispersed workforce.

The laws vary greatly, but most require that employers offer up to 40 hours of sick leave in a year.

According to Bloomberg Law, "the laws cover businesses of all sizes, and full-time, part-time, and temporary workers. Multi-state employers not based in those states or jurisdictions with leave laws are not off the hook because most states don’t restrict adherence only to companies within the state. Employers with workers in many of the states will be expected to comply with each state’s law." 

New Jersey is the latest state mandating paid sick leave

New Jersey Earned Sick Leave:

  • Signed May 2, 2018 and effective Oct. 29, 2018
  • All New Jersey employers must provide up to 40 hours paid sick leave per year to covered employees
  • Employers must post a notification
  • New hire notices must be distributed
  • Employers must retain records documenting hours worked by employees and paid sick time for a period of 5 years

Rhode Island was the ninth state to adopt a paid sick leave law. It went into effect earlier this year.  Equifax covered this in our previous blog post, State New Hire Forms: South Carolina and Rhode Island.

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