Offboarding Palooza! Unemployment and Offboarding Thought Leadership

View our Offboarding Palooza for unemployment & offboarding thought leadership-eight sessions over two weeks with UWC, a state UI official, and subject matter experts.

We understand that it’s hard to keep up with all the complexities in the world of unemployment and offboarding. Changing regulations from the states, elevated levels of fraud, and employee experience expectations mean employers need to stay on their toes. The Offboarding Palooza can help you gain valuable insights from policy experts, a state UI official, and other subject matter experts to help improve your offboarding outcomes.

View any of the eight sessions on-demand. Here is an overview of the sessions that are available from our experts:

Unemployment 101: Mastering the Basics to Help Improve Results

  • Learn the basics of the unemployment system including the laws that govern it, who might qualify, and how third-party administrators like Equifax can help you process claims and potentially reduce your overall tax costs.

UWC Update: National, State, and Public Policy

  • Join Doug Holmes from UWC (Unemployment and Workers' Compensation) for insights on the latest national issues and public policy facing employers and what may be coming in the future.

What It's Like On Their Side: What a State UI Official Wants You to Know

  • The grass isn't always greener. Hear Aaron Tell from the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program explain how some employers conduct their UI business well while others struggle and might pay more than they should. He shares how their program works and what employers can do that might impact their UI costs. 

Harassment in the Workplace: A Mock Hearing Based on Real Events

  • Join us to listen to a mock hearing, David Wooderson vs. ABC Call Center, based on real events. Learn how to better prepare for and navigate the hearings process by following the hearing surrounding a harassment claim in the workplace. 

Hot UC Topics: State Separation Notices, Fraud, and More

  • Join our panel of subject matter experts to help address the hottest topics in Unemployment Claims in 2023 including state separation notices for termed employees and the high rates of unemployment claims fraud. Get the latest info along with some practical tips to help address each trend. 

Offboarding and How It Plays into the Employee Experience

  • How you offboard your employees may have an effect on how well you retain top talent. Discover best practices and tangible offboarding process changes you can adopt, including exit interviews and reemployment, that can help positively impact your brand and employee experience. 

Strategies to Help Reduce State Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates

  • Gain insights into how the lingering effects of the pandemic and related legislation may still be affecting your tax rates, and how you might be able to make a more positive impact to your bottom line.

Ask the Experts: Your Burning Questions About Offboarding Answered

  • Our panel of unemployment subject matter experts answer audience questions in this fast-paced, interactive session. Help get answers to your burning questions on national trends, best practices, and more. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to help you stay one step ahead in this competitive landscape. We are confident that what you learn will help you improve your processes and sharpen your focus on unemployment and offboarding. Click the link below to view any of the sessions on-demand. 

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