Podcast: What’s an API and Why Should HR Want One?

What’s an API? Listen to The Workforce Wise podcast to learn what they are and how valuable they can be to HR teams from companies of all sizes.

Listen to our podcast What’s an API and Why Should HR Want One? to learn more about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and how they can help make things easier for both HR teams and their employees. 

Our featured speaker is Maria Hayes, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Equifax Workforce Solutions, who is helping develop APIs between some HCM platforms and services of Equifax Workforce Solutions. She shares her insights about APIs including:

  • A basic understanding of the concept around APIs (have you been to a restaurant lately?)

  • Examples of APIs at work in our everyday lives, whether you realized it or not 

  • Why APIs may be better than flat file exchanges, especially for your speed to hire initiatives

  • How to decide if an API is right for your organization, and for what processes

  • The level of involvement you might need from your IT team (or not)


If you are looking for ways to streamline your onboarding process and make the most of your various HR technology platforms, APIs may be a possible solution, no matter what size your organization is. Listen to the latest episode of The Workforce Wise podcast to learn more, and download this checklist to see if an API might be right for you.