In Search of the Purple Squirrel: Top 3 Reasons to Use Pre-Employment Verifications

Every decision we make is impacted by what we consider to be true – the same holds true for HR and talent leaders in their quest to find the “purple squirrel”, the ideal candidate whose experience and qualifications align with their business needs. In an age where people frequently question whether something is fake news and will quickly fact-check, we often fail to think twice about whether the information conveyed in a resume or on a job application is accurate. Let’s face it, typos happen. An applicant didn’t mean to type 2013-2018 management experience, but 2013 – 2016. Catching this typo could be a big deal to a hiring manager who’s requiring a minimum five years management experience, and not three. The more concerning scenario are candidates intentionally mispresenting themselves on their application or resume to better fit the job requirements. Why doesn’t every recruiter make it a consistent practice to fact-check applications - verify employment data - on every candidate? Maybe it’s because of how easy it is to scour the internet looking for an applicant’s social media profiles to seek the truth. The problem with this approach is you are again reviewing self-reported and not verified information on the applicant. And even when the self-reported information is 100% accurate, you may not be getting the whole truth, as resumes and applications are a highlight reel of a candidate’s career. As the talent pools continue to shrink, competition is fiercer, making it harder or nearly impossible to attract, hire, and retain quality talent.  Without a secret stockpile of quality candidates, organizations are exploring new ways to simplify identifying quality candidates and stop wasting time on candidates that do not meet their requirements. In this eBook, we’ll examine the impact of living in an age where the truth has become a mystical concept and why HR should use Pre-Employment Verifications to help catch a “purple squirrel” candidate.  Download E-Book Today To learn more, contact us at Don't forget to stop by the Equifax booth at the following upcoming conferences: HR Technology & Expo September 11-14, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada SourceCon Atlanta  September 26-28, 2018 Atlanta, Georgia ERE Recruiting Conference October 15-17, 2018 Kissimmee, Florida

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