Webinar Highlights: Top HR Unemployment Documentation Tips

HR Unemployment Documentation and Risk

HR unemployment documentation can open up your organization to risk, including a higher tax rate.  Let us show you how to reduce both, by stopping common unemployment documentation mistakes. We pulled together top tips from our Best Practices in HR Unemployment Documentation webinar that you can view right now.

Hear for yourself, as a top UCM industry expert lays out what you can do immediately to protect your business. This quick video gives real-life examples that we've collected from our years of doing unemployment claims management. If you have 6-minutes, then you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of the impact employers can have on their own unemployment case decisions. Including what happens when a written procedure isn't being followed in a policy handbook. Unlock the insight needed to improve your HR separation process and strengthen your win rates. Watch now.

With so many factors that can open your business to risk and higher unemployment tax rates, Equifax UCM Solution can help. Schedule your free demo and learn how 150,000+ other users have streamlined their unemployment claims with our intuitive technology, CaseBuilder.

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