Unemployment Hearing Tips: Drug-free Policies Violated

A violation of your organization’s drug-free policies can seem like an open and shut case, but is it? 

Monthly Video Series: 6 of 12 Many employers have drug- and alcohol-free workplace policies in effect. However, if those policies are violated and an employee is discharged, the unemployment hearing will have several differences as compared to other types of unemployment hearings. Watch the video below to find out more. [embed]https://youtu.be/xbj-rnmG93c[/embed] Our Equifax Workforce Solutions hearing representatives are nationwide and have the knowledge you need to help prepare and present your drug- and alcohol-free policy case effectively. If you’re an Equifax Unemployment client, contact your account manager today to have them at your next hearing.  Not a client yet? Sign-up for a UCM demo to see how we can help protect your SUI tax rates and reduce risk.

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