Unemployment Hearing Tips: Job Abandonment vs. No Call/No Show

What is Considered Job Abandonment?

Monthly Video Series: 2 of 12 When is an employee’s failure to show up for work considered quitting? And when is it a discharge by the employer? This distinction can have quite an effect on your unemployment hearing. In this video, I break it all down for you in simple terms. [embed]https://youtu.be/E-bPD964Wno[/embed] Our Equifax Hearing Representatives help employers take the stress and responsibility of representing themselves off their shoulders. In fact, their skills have helped our clients achieve double-digit* win-rate improvements. If you're an Equifax Unemployment client, contact your Account Manager today to have them at your next hearing. Want to learn more? Read our latest real unemployment case analysis blog post or download the free Employer’s Guide: Unemployment Hearing Case Analysis ebook. In it, we examine evidence from both the claimant and the employer in 12 real unemployment hearings. You'll gain a deeper understanding for how states review separations and the type of evidence that might be needed. *2017 client data compared to unrepresented hearing decision results

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