Unemployment Hearing Tips: Picture and Video Evidence

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if it's a telephone hearing?

Monthly Video Series: 5 of 12 Photographs and videos can be necessary to prove your testimony when the parties don’t agree on a fact. Not only is the old sentiment about a thousand words true, but when it comes to an unemployment hearing, pictures can be worth even more. Did you know that you need to submit photo and video evidence to the former employee prior to the hearing? In this month's video, you'll learn even more about how this evidence can impact a hearing. [embed]https://youtu.be/LA1iLJ4X0uU[/embed] Equifax Hearing Representatives can assist in helping to make sure the proposed photo and video evidence, known as exhibits, are received and entered in by the state. If you’re an Equifax Unemployment client, contact your account manager today to have them at your next hearing. Want to learn more about how unemployment benefit hearings are ran? Download our free ebook, Employer’s Guide: Unemployment Hearing Case Analysis, or read one of our real unemployment case analysis blog posts.

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