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Learn how the technology and experienced professionals from Equifax Workforce Solutions can help your team.

Compliance Center

It is now easier to stay on top of complex employee form requirements through onboarding and beyond, featuring I-9, State Forms, WOTC, Offboarding Forms, and more.

I-9 Management

Take control of your I-9s from start to finish with our market-leading technology and industry experience for I-9 compliance.

I-9 Anywhere®

Help get your I-9s done right, on-time, and in-person with award-winning technology and nationwide trained I-9 completers.

I-9 Inspect

Gain confidence in your I-9s with our automated audit to identify potential issues and tools to help simplify your corrections to reduce your risk.

Unemployment Cost Management

Optimize your tax management and reduce the total cost of managing unemployment claims with our industry pros and technology.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Management (WOTC)

Tap our proprietary technology to help simplify the process, identify more WOTC eligible employees, and get more tax credits.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Management

Collect and aggregate data to help meet your ACA obligations with our leading technology and specialized support.

Tax Form Management

See how we can help with year-end tax form distribution, even for retired and separated employees, with our digital services.

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Learn how the technology and industry experience from Equifax Workforce Solutions can help your team.
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