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I-9 Anywhere Healthcare Industry

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One of the largest Form I-9 challenges the business faced was the ability to complete the forms in-person and on-time.
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The client selected I-9 Management and I-9 Anywhere® services from Equifax Workforce Solutions.
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The HR team measured their early success with reporting capabilities from I-9 Management and discovered the number of I-9s completed on-time had increased by over 50%, and hiring managers had reduced time spent on I-9s by over 90%.
Equifax Workforce Solutions worked with a company in the healthcare industry to help measure the impact of our I-9 services on their HR processes.

The organization has thousands of hiring locations across the U.S. with over 10,000 remote new hires annually. One of the largest challenges the business faced regarding Form I-9 was the ability to complete forms in-person and on-time.

Compliance with Form I-9 requirements for a dispersed workforce can be tricky. The Form I-9 must be completed within 3 business days from the date of hire, and Section 2 documents must be reviewed in the physical presence of the employee.

In some instances, new hires would travel long distances to a physical location for Section 2 completion, prolonging I-9 completion and start dates. In other instances where a physical location did not exist, HR used methods such as email and other digital channels for Section 2 document verification.

A paper-based Form I-9 process made it even more difficult to help ensure accuracy on each form and to maintain consistent practices at each hiring site.

Helped to increase accuracy with Form I-9 by more than


Reduced time spent on managing
I-9s by more than


The client selected I-9 Management and I-9 Anywhere services from Equifax to help them meet their compliance requirements, streamline I-9 processes, reduce workloads, and offer a better onboarding experience to new hires, hiring managers, and the HR team.
The benefits of the I-9 Anywhere service

  • Trained nationwide I-9 completers for in-person Form I-9 review
  • Guided, mobile-friendly platform to help ensure accuracy
  • Automated tools to help hiring managers track each step of the I-9 process and drive consistency at each location
  • Streamlined workflows to help make I-9s easier for new hires and HR staff
  • Centralized I-9 storage plus detailed audit trails to keep files organized and ready to respond to an audit
The HR team measured their early success for each district with reporting capabilities offered as part of the I-9 Management service, and discovered that the number of I-9s completed on-time had increased by over 50% in just 4 months after implementing the service. According to the client, since the introduction of I-9 Anywhere, hiring managers have also reduced the time spent managing I-9s by over 90%!

"This service has had a huge impact and we are very happy with the outcome!"

Before I-9 Anywhere
  • Difficult completing Section 2 in-person
  • Issues completing I-9s on-time
  • Trouble completing I-9 requirements Lack of consistent procedures
After I-9 Anywhere
  • Completing Section 2 in-person
  • Helping complete I-9s more timely
  • Better compliance with I-9 requirements
    Improved consistency and procedures