Pharmaceutical Industry Success Story

I-9 Anywhere saved HR an estimated
30 minutes for each I-9

And helped improve onboarding for remote and onsite hires

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The client needed to quickly adapt their processes due to the COVID-19 pandemic as HR associates were not always available to complete I-9s in-person for onsite new hires.
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The client expanded use of the I-9 Anywhere® nationwide network of trained completers beyond their previous use for just remote hires.
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The HR team was able to keep hiring on track during the pandemic and realized unexpected benefits of an additional 30 minutes saved for each I-9. That plus the increased confidence led the client to the continued use of I-9 Anywhere trained completers for ALL new hires moving forward.
It’s no secret that Form I-9 compliance requirements can be complex and challenging for both onsite and remote hires. Strict deadlines combined with in-person reviews are just a few of the obstacles employers may face.

Form I-9 must be:
  • Completed by the new hire on or before the first day of work for pay
  • Signed by the employer or authorized representative upon physical inspection of Form I-9 documents, within three business days of the first day of work for pay
That’s why a leading pharmaceutical company with over 1,500 annual hires chose the I-9 Anywhere® service from Equifax to help better manage their I-9s. Initially, they began using I-9 Anywhere trained completers for their remote hires but when the COVID-19 pandemic forced HR associates to work from home they had to quickly adapt to help meet I-9 requirements for all new hires.

The I-9 Anywhere completer network has helped our HR team save time and eliminate the hassle of scheduling I-9 completion.
HR Shared Services Specialist
The benefits of the I-9 Anywhere service

  • Trained nationwide I-9 completers for in-person Form I-9 review
  • Guided, mobile-friendly platform to help ensure accuracy
  • Automated tools to help hiring managers track each step of the I-9 process and drive consistency at each location
  • Streamlined workflows to help make I-9s easier for new hires and HR staff
  • Centralized I-9 storage plus detailed audit trails to keep files organized and ready to respond to an audit
From remote hires
Like many organizations, they faced difficulty with the Form I-9 in-person physical document inspection for their remote new hires. The organization began using the Equifax network of trained I-9 Anywhere completers to help meet the challenge of sourcing and scheduling authorized representatives to physically meet the employee in areas where a business location might not be present.

To all hires
When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the HR staff to work from home on a parttime basis the client came to Equifax to quickly expand the use of the I-9 Anywhere trained completers beyond just remote hires.

The I-9 Anywhere service allowed the organization to help keep hiring on track during the pandemic. It worked so well they decided to continue using it for ALL new hires moving forward. Through the I-9 Anywhere service, Equifax was able to provide an easier way to meet difficult I-9 requirements, while helping to streamline processes, and improve the onboarding journey for both hiring managers and employees. Since the expanded use of the I-9 Anywhere trained completer network, the HR staff has saved time and increased confidence. They eliminated the hassle and worry of scheduling staff to complete I-9s in-person for new employees. New hires also have more control over scheduling to meet I-9 completers at a time and place that is convenient for them, which helps to create a better experience from the start. That’s a win-win!


“The client estimates the HR staff saves an additional 30 minutes by no longer having to schedule, meet, inspect, and complete Section 2 of the Form I-9 for new hires. That is nearly 15 hours a week to refocus HR efforts on more strategic initiatives.”